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Best Distance Learning Institutes 2012!

Written By Sambasivarao on Thursday, September 13, 2012 | Thursday, September 13, 2012

Distance Learning Institutes Category wise

Resources & Reach 
RankName of the InstitutionInput (325)
1Indira Gandhi National Open University210.00
2Sikkim Manipal University139.04
3Yashwantrao C. Maharashtra
Open University
4Madurai Kamaraj University (DDE)112.94
5Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University104.74
6Uttarakhand Open University 103.22
7Karnataka State Open University89.48
8Annamalai University (DDE)88.31
9Maulana Azad National
Urdu University (DDE)
10Tamil Nadu Open University83.64
11Netaji Subhas Open University79.75
12University of Calicut (SDE)79.10
13Vardhman Mahaveer
Open University, Kota
14University of Madras (IDE)74.20
15IMT Distance and Open Learning Institute72.50
16Alagappa University (DDE)63.05
17MP Bhoj (Open) University60.98
18Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning58.88
19Maharishi Dayanand University (DDE)56.25
20The ICFAI University Tripura52.92
21Acharya Nagarjuna University (CDE)52.62
22Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University51.10
23The ICFAI University Sikkim50.59
24Nalanda Open University45.23
25Himachal Pradesh University (ICDEOL)44.11
26Kakatiya University (SDLCE)43.23
27UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University35.58
28University of Mumbai (IDOL)30.09
29Patna University (DDE)28.83
30Andhra University (SDE)27.43
31Shivaji University (CDE)23.00
32Kurukshetra University (DDE)22.06
33SNDT - Women's University (CDE)21.28
34University of Delhi (SOL)18.19
35Osmania University (PGRRCDE)15.03
Learning experience
RankName of the InstitutionProcess (400)
1Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning294.78
2IMT Distance & Open Learning Institute285.00
3Sikkim Manipal University284.96
4UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University262.35
5Yashwantrao C. Maharashtra
Open University
6Indira Gandhi National Open University258.12
7Karnataka State Open University241.13
8Netaji Subhas Open University240.00
9Madurai Kamaraj University (DDE)238.15
10Alagappa University (DDE)235.00
10University of Madras (IDE)235.00
12Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University220.80
13Annamalai University (DDE)216.39
14MP Bhoj (Open) University215.91
15Acharya Nagarjuna University (CDE)215.00
16Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open Univ.210.00
16Osmania University (PGRRCDE)210.00
16University of Mumbai (IDOL)210.00
19Maulana Azad National Urdu University (DDE)195.00
19The ICFAI University Sikkim195.00
19The ICFAI University Tripura195.00
22Himachal Pradesh University
23Andhra University (SDE)175.16
24Maharishi Dayanand University (DDE)175.00
24Shivaji University (CDE)175.00
26SNDT - Women's University (CDE)170.00
27University of Calicut (SDE)157.12
28Vardhman Mahaveer Open University, Kota150.00
29Tamil Nadu Open University145.09
30Uttarakhand Open University 135.13
31University of Delhi (SOL)115.00
32Kurukshetra University(DDE)105.00
33Nalanda Open University70.00
33Patna University (DDE)70.00
35Kakatiya University (SDLCE)37.61
RankName of the InstitutionOutput (200)
1IMT Distance and Open Learning Institute175.45
2Yashwantrao C. Maharashtra
Open University
3UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University149.59
4MP Bhoj (Open) University145.67
5Maulana Azad National
Urdu University (DDE)
6Shivaji University (CDE)141.18
7Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University139.98
8Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University135.86
9Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning135.73
10SNDT - Women's University (CDE)134.93
11Osmania University (PGRRCDE)134.53
12Netaji Subhas Open University132.89
13Indira Gandhi National Open University124.25
14The ICFAI University Sikkim119.70
15Annamalai University (DDE)115.75
16Nalanda Open University113.97
17University of Madras (IDE)111.25
18Sikkim Manipal University105.54
19Acharya Nagarjuna University (CDE)105.51
20Madurai Kamaraj University (DDE)103.77
21Andhra University (SDE)99.43
22Himachal Pradesh University (ICDEOL)97.04
23The ICFAI University Tripura88.68
24Tamil Nadu Open University82.20
25Vardhman Mahaveer
Open University, Kota
26Maharishi Dayanand University (DDE)62.50
26University of Mumbai (IDOL)62.50
28Alagappa University (DDE)57.50
29Karnataka State Open University56.72
30Kurukshetra University (DDE)52.50
31University of Calicut (SDE)48.50
32Kakatiya University (SDLCE)46.65
33Patna University (DDE)42.50
34University of Delhi (SOL)37.50
35Uttarakhand Open University 32.50

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