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Written By Sambasivarao on Thursday, October 24, 2013 | Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Change is inevitable"

The above line would have been heard by each and everyone. This is true in real life and with the growth, change in mind set, competition, increase in competency level of an average person, we do change or are part of change in each aspect of life. This is true even in Leadership. Here I have collected 10 points which should be changed or rather removed from the "Leadership Practice" which we have been following for years. 

Business owners certainly have a long way to go, especially in more established companies where old practices die hard. By creating a company with a clear purpose and values, you'll find your employees connect themselves to something bigger, and that increases productivity.  In other words, a culture of engagement leads to greater customer loyalty, and better financial success.

Remove or throw away following from your leadership Practice.
  1. Micro-management, or the need to control every aspect of your company is outdated. Empowerment, the ability to give your people some rope--even rope to make mistakes without blame. Empowerment is the Key now.
  2. Management by walking around the office; it is no longer enough to be visible. What is now happening is : Leadership by watching and listening, engaging in conversation, implementing the ideas presented to you, and distributing the results.
  3. Pretending you know everything. You don't have all the answers, so why try to make people think you do? This practice is gone now and what is in is: Knowing your leadership team members and trusting them. Choose great people who have the right skills and fit the culture.  And get out of the way.
  4. No mistakes, or a "no tolerance policy" some still think works, but it does not. Today we are  Learning from mistakes, or being the first to admit an error.
  5. The balance sheet drives the business, and informs all other decisions is out and what is in is  People drive the business, boosting customer loyalty, and profit.
  6. Job competency is sufficient. Do the job asked, and you'll survive. This now history. Need of today is  Recruit "A" players who will go the extra mile. They're out there.
  7. Out: Invest in technology to increase productivity.                                                                                    In: Invest in people.
  8. Out: Demand change; be very specific about what you want and when.                                                    In: Nurture change; your people can come up with the best ideas and you can give them credit for it.
  9. Out: Fried food in the cafeteria. In: Wellness in the workplace.
  10. Out: Incentives; pay employees more money and they'll do more.                                                         In: Rewards; being valued matters more than money.
Think... For all the leaders and all those which aspire to be leaders

(Source: systemsplusgroup.blogspot.in)

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